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Non-Invasive Insulating Glass Retrofit (IGR) System

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Upgrade Operable and Non-Operable Windows and Curtain Walls from the Exterior or Interior Without Replacement

Upgrade to the latest smart glass, transparent photovoltaic, or R-10 vacuum insulated glass without removal or replacement.

Patented Demolition-Free Retrofits for Fixed & Operable Glazing


Compact & Lightweight 

  • 1” thickness with a 1.5” sightline 

  • Creates a 0.63” hermetically-sealed insulating air cavity

  • As low as 2 lbs/sq. ft. added weight

Highly Versatile

  • Transforms most window and curtain wall systems into upgradable, future-proof assemblies

  • Compatible with all glass options, including the latest energy-saving, sound-insulating, dynamic-tinting, and smart glass varieties

Transform Single to Double-Pane, Double to Triple-Pane

2-10x added insulation (based on glass selection)

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Up to 40% energy savings

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65%+ outside noise reduction

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Original Window

Retrofitted Window

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Up to 10x Faster Payback than Replacement 


Quick & Easy Installation: Exterior or Interior

  • Upcycles the original glazing into energy efficient, sustainable multi-pane glazing without having to drill or alter anything.

  • Up to 70% fewer materials used and faster installation than replacement.

  • Minimum to no disruption of normal building operations and occupants.  

  • Suitable for most existing buildings and systems: mechanically or structurally glazed, fixed or operable, unitized or stick-built. 

  • In many cases, can be installed using the existing facade access systems, window washing platforms, or building maintenance units (BMUs). 

Meets or Exceeds Industry Standards for New and Secondary Windows 

Certified by the Attachments Energy Rating Council (AERC) 


Structural Integrity


Air/Water Leakage


High Wind Load Resistance


Sound Dampening


Thermal Insulation


Condensation Resistance

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