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INOVUES Announces Strategic Partnership with BONDI to Propel Energy Retrofits in Buildings

Climate-Tech Synergies: INOVUES and BONDI Energy Collaboration to Drive Adoption of Heat Pumps and Window Retrofits

INOVUES, the multi-award-winning pioneer in non-invasive energy retrofits for facades and windows, today announced its strategic partnership with BONDI Energy, experts in sustainable heat pump technologies. The synergistic collaboration is set to make energy efficiency retrofits in commercial and multi-family buildings more efficient and cost-effective.

"We are excited to join forces with BONDI Energy," said Anas Al Kassas, INOVUES Founder and CEO. "Our combined expertise in high-impact energy retrofits and our synergistic technologies offer building owners a more affordable path to electrification and greater sustainability."

Belinda Gilbey, president and co-founder of BONDI Energy added: “BONDI's partnership with INOVUES represents a significant step towards improving building energy efficiency. By integrating our technologies to make heating and cooling in buildings greener and much more efficient, we can significantly shorten the payback periods and drive widespread adoption of sustainable practices in existing buildings. Together, we are combining INOVUES’s innovation with our sustainable heat pump solutions to redefine the future of energy retrofits. Our joint effort not only enhances the energy efficiency of buildings but also offers a practical, cost-effective pathway for property owners to transition towards greener, more sustainable operations. We are committed to driving this transformative change in the industry, demonstrating that significant environmental impact and economic benefits can go hand in hand.”

INOVUES's non-invasive glazing retrofit technology, which is up to 90% cheaper than window replacement, plays a crucial role in reducing heating and cooling energy demands and peak loads. In many buildings, especially the 40% featuring inefficient single-pane glazing, this can be the difference between the ability to install more efficient electric heat pump technologies or remain tethered to legacy, oversized, fossil-fuel-powered systems. 

Heat pumps operate on electricity and transfer heat between the building and the outside environment through a ground or air source, offering a more sustainable alternative to traditional HVAC systems. They have gained significant traction for their efficiency and combined heating and cooling capabilities. Heat pumps also enable building owners to shift their heating and cooling energy use from fossil fuels to electricity, aligning with broader decarbonization efforts. Their popularity is further supported by generous public and private incentives.

The strategic importance of the partnership between INOVUES and BONDI Energy lies in the combination of facade retrofits with heat pumps. The first one addresses the substantial energy loss (up to 40%) from leaky windows, while advanced heat pump systems offer a cleaner, more efficient alternative to traditional heating and cooling technologies. Together, they make it significantly more cost-effective for building owners to upgrade assets and save on their energy bills. 

The partnership is also expected to have a considerable environmental impact, building on INOVUES’ existing collaboration with QEA Tech, specialists in drone and AI-powered building envelope energy audits.  INOVUES and QEA Tech have estimated the potential for emissions reduction through facade retrofits to as much as 20 million tonnes of CO2 annually in New York City alone. The addition of BONDI’s heat pump technologies amplifies the carbon savings.

INOVUES and BONDI Energy are also committed to assisting building owners in navigating the complex landscape of public and private rebate and incentive programs, amplifying the financial and environmental benefits of their retrofits. 

The collaborative effort of these innovative companies offers building owners a high-ROI, low-carbon path to not only save on energy consumption but also improve indoor comfort, enhancing the value and sustainability of buildings.



INOVUES makes existing buildings more energy-efficient and sustainable through a range of non-invasive insulating glass retrofit solutions. The company's patented technologies are engineered to integrate the latest glass innovations; are quick and easy to install; and do not require any removal, replacement, or disruption to normal building operations. INOVUES offers building owners and managers a high-ROI, low-carbon path to save up to 40% on energy consumption, improve indoor thermal and acoustic comfort, and increase the value and sustainability of the buildings. More information on the five-year-old, venture-backed company can be found at


BONDI Energy Corp (BONDI) specializes in decarbonizing buildings with energy-efficient, cost-saving heat pumps and deep energy retrofits. Our projects reduce GHG emissions by more than 50%, improve tenant comfort, increase the value of buildings, and lower electricity demand. BONDI’s turnkey services include system design, equipment supply, installation, financing, incentive and grant procurement, construction management, and ongoing maintenance. Learn more at


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