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TIME Honors Window Retrofit Innovator INOVUES as One of America’s Top GreenTech Companies

INOVUES Is Selected from 4,600 Candidates as the Only Window/Façade Company

INOVUES, a pioneering developer of non-invasive window retrofit technologies, has been recognized by TIME and Statista as one of America’s Top GreenTech Companies for 2024. This accolade is part of TIME's comprehensive analysis highlighting companies at the forefront of the climate technology revolution, driving toward a more sustainable future.

“Buildings represent 40% of our total energy use and are major CO2 contributors,” said Anas Al Kassas, INOVUES Founder and CEO. “Being recognized among TIME's top green-tech leaders for our window retrofit innovations is a true honor. Our non-disruptive window and façade retrofits significantly enhance the energy efficiency of buildings, offering a practical and affordable solution to one of our era's most pressing energy and emissions challenges."

Selected from a competitive field of over 4,600 climate-tech companies, INOVUES stood out as the only window and façade solutions provider among the 250 celebrated firms. This recognition places INOVUES in an elite category of just 14 companies within the Built Environment sector, as well as one of just 17 Texas companies to make the list.

The selection criteria for "America's Top GreenTech Companies 2024" study focused on companies whose primary objective was developing and providing technologies, products, or services that mitigate or reverse the impact of human activities on the environment. INOVUES’ inclusion highlights its significant contributions through its innovative secondary window retrofit solutions, which enhance energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprints in buildings.

The methodology, designed by TIME and Statista, was grounded in three pillars: positive environmental impact, innovation drive, and financial strength. INOVUES’ recognition is a testament to its outstanding performance across these dimensions.

INOVUES is pioneering the way to a more sustainable future by unlocking the potential of the trillion-dollar commercial façade and window retrofit market. The company’s non-invasive glass retrofit technologies significantly reduce project costs—up to 90% less than traditional methods—while providing building owners with a return on investment up to ten times faster than window replacement. 

The list of top 250 climate-tech leaders includes companies across various sectors, including Energy Storage & Distribution, Carbon Capture & Offset Solutions, Built Environment, and Circular Economy. The scores, ranging from 67.5 to 98.6, showcase the high level of competition and the stringent criteria used by TIME and Statista for this ranking. INOVUES’ inclusion in this list is a testament to the startup’s impactful contributions to the as-built industry and its potential for future growth.

The GreenTech sector, as highlighted by TIME, is poised for rapid growth and is predicted to reach $9.5 trillion by 2030. This growth is driven by technological innovation and new business models aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and decreasing the demand for nonrenewable resources. INOVUES’ recognition among America’s top GreenTech companies solidifies its position as a leader in the windows and façades industry, committed to advancing technologies that support sustainable development and renewal.


INOVUES re-energizes building facades through its non-invasive window retrofit innovations, making buildings smarter, greener, and healthier for a better and sustainable future. The company's patented retrofit systems slash facade and window upgrade costs by up to 90%, resulting in up to 10x faster payback and higher ROI. INOVUES' energy efficiency retrofit solutions enable commercial real estate owners to bring their buildings up to code and integrate the latest energy-saving and smart glass technologies into their facades and windows without removal, replacement, or disruption. This helps building owners save up to 40% on energy consumption and comply with the new building emissions laws, improve occupants' thermal and acoustic comfort, and increase the value and sustainability of their buildings, while taking advantage of significant cash and tax incentives.


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