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3M™ Grants Warranty for Key Component of INOVUES System

Houston, TX – July 6, 2020 – INOVUES, an award-winning window technology company focused on building upgrades and energy efficiency retrofits, announced today that 3M™ has officially approved the use of their VHB™ structural glazing material with INOVUES Glazing Shields and granted the system a product warranty.

Since 1980, industries worldwide have been using 3M VHB tape to permanently bond and seal many substrates for increased productivity, high strength, long term durability, and improved appearance. In that time, it has withstood the rigorous test of time in the brutal environment of exterior construction projects in various climates around the world. This product has also specifically seen widespread use in many different types of windows, curtain walls, and glazing products, and thus, installers are very familiar with its application requirements so there is no apprehension about applying it or concern for a long learning curve.

With 3M providing this product-specific warranty for Glazing Shields, building owners can be confident and reassured of the long-term performance of the INOVUES system.

Learn more about the 3M™ VHB™ Structural Glazing Tape here.


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