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Facade Retrofit Innovator INOVUES Completes Marquee Projects and Receives Accolades

Trailblazing Climate Tech Installed at 3M HQ and University of Minnesota, Highlighted in Forbes, and Recognized with Top Business Award

INOVUES installation at 3M
INOVUES’ multi-award-winning, non-invasive glass retrofit technologies can deliver double-digit energy savings and acoustic comfort without disrupting the building and its occupants.

INOVUES, the non-invasive facade retrofit provider, has gained significant traction with its innovative solutions. The company recently completed high-profile projects with 3M and the University of Minnesota, delivering significantly higher energy efficiency as well as improved thermal and acoustic comfort for both customers. It has also been recognized in leading industry publications, and won the prestigious Gold Stevie® American Business Award for “Energy Industry Innovation of the Year.”

"We are thrilled to see our first-in-class, envelope and window retrofit solutions gain important recognition and momentum. We remain committed to driving sustainability and carbon reduction in the built environment, and are proud to offer building owners a high-ROI solution that improves occupant comfort while also increasing the value and profitability of their assets," said Anas Al Kassas, Founder and CEO of INOVUES.

INOVUES’ signature Insulating Glass Retrofit (IGR) system consist of the following components:

  1. proprietary aluminum spacer frames that create a 0.63”-deep, desiccated and vapor-sealed air gap, and feature thermally-broken attachment for better insulation;

  2. new glass lites that together with the existing glass create the higher-performance double- or triple-glazed insulating glass units — a wide range of high-performance glazing and smart window technologies can be used, including dynamic tinting, energy harvesting, and vacuum insulated glass;

  3. multiple primary and secondary seals and desiccant components to maintain a dry, hermetically-sealed insulating air cavity for a longer service life.

Here is a short 40-second animation on how IGR works:

By providing immediate benefits and payback periods that are up to 10x faster than traditional retrofit approaches, or as short as 3 years, INOVUES is leading the way in making non-invasive facade retrofits not only possible but also financially attractive.


INOVUES makes existing buildings more energy-efficient and sustainable through a range of non-invasive insulating glass retrofit solutions. The company's patented technologies are engineered to integrate the latest glass innovations; are quick and easy to install; and do not require any removal, replacement, or disruption to normal building operations. INOVUES offers building owners and managers a high-ROI, low-carbon path to save up to 40% on energy consumption, improve indoor thermal and acoustic comfort, and increase the value and sustainability of the buildings.


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