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Forbes Features INOVUES' Innovative Solution for Energy-Efficient Buildings

Solutions-focused journalist Marianne Lehnis, who writes about innovation, entrepreneurship, the environment, and how it all fits together, sat with our founder and CEO Anas Al Kassas to discuss his entrepreneurial journey and INOVUES’ disruptive climate-tech. The interview was published in Forbes, along with a 30-minute podcast and article in The Green Techpreneur.

Anas, an architect from Syria, first moved from Damascus to Dubai and then to Boston to pursue a master's degree in architecture. Frustrated by the lack of scalable solutions in the building facade industry, he founded INOVUES. The idea for a non-invasive glass retrofit technology was born after brainstorming ways to transform existing windows into smart, energy-efficient systems — affordably and at scale. In this interview, Anas talks about how he persisted through tough challenges during the early R&D phases, including passing key performance tests on tight budgets.

As a result, INOVUES has developed an innovative energy-saving solution for underperforming windows and facades in existing buildings to help them tackle costs, carbon emissions, and the climate challenge. The company has since participated in several accelerators, won multiple awards, and has $50 million in potential projects in the pipeline.

INOVUES’ system is the only patented solution that can transform building facades with the latest energy-saving and smart glass innovations without removing or replacing any of the existing glass and framing. This is accomplished by adding a second window pane onto the existing windows, using a proprietary spacer frame technology and structural adhesives. This method is more sustainable, virtually waste-free, and results in a 10x cost reduction compared to traditional replacement or recladding. It also increases energy inefficiency in buildings by up to 40%.

The global retrofit market opportunity for energy-efficient buildings is worth an estimated $9.5 trillion, and INOVUES is ready to take it on.

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