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INOVUES to Demonstrate Its Patented Window Retrofit Innovation at 3M's Global HQ

As part of the Grid Catalyst inaugural Energy Startup cohort, INOVUES has been selected by 3M to develop a demonstration project at their Global Headquarters campus in Minnesota. INOVUES has installed its insulating glass retrofits (IGRs) in different locations like Boston, Seattle, and Los Angeles, but this project will be the first installation in climate zone six. INOVUES is excited to work with 3M to showcase how its Glazing Shield™ technology makes existing buildings more energy-efficient and sustainable without replacing the existing windows or disrupting building occupants. "We are very excited to be participating in the Grid Catalyst program to demonstrate the significant impact of our high-ROI low-carbon window retrofit technology on the energy efficiency and carbon emissions of existing buildings in Minnesota." - Anas Al Kassas, Founder and CEO of INOVUES The five energy startups selected for Grid Catalyst's 2022 Energy Startup Cohort Demonstration were chosen for their impressive financial and technical approach, representing a wide range of promising technologies. Startups are paired with a regional demonstration partner and provided support to navigate permitting, funding, construction, and demonstration reporting and data. The 2022 cohort finalists include companies from Minnesota, New York, Texas, and Washington. "INOVUES’ patented Glazing Shield™ technology enables existing building facades to be retrofitted with the latest energy-saving and smart glass innovations without removal, replacement, or disruption." About the Energy Startup Cohort and Grid Catalyst Grid Catalyst is the only clean energy accelerator focused on project demonstration and deploying solutions for cold climates, so these demonstration projects are a critical step in the development process for clean energy focused startups. Proving out their technology in real-world applications will attract investors and new customers, with long-term potential for manufacturing partnerships and regional job growth. Accelerated energy ventures also access nearly twice as much financing, earn 50% higher revenue growth, and average 16% more full-time hires. Read more about the benefits of our patented insulating glass retrofit technology here.


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