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INOVUES Introduces the World's First Smart Window Retrofit Product

Houston, TX – July 24, 2020 – INOVUES, an award-winning window technology company focused on building upgrades and energy efficiency retrofits, announced today the world's first smart window retrofit product at the Regatta Seaside, in Los Angeles, California.

Featuring dynamic tinting glass that adapts to the intensity of the sun, INOVUES installed adaptive Glazing Shields on single-pane glass in existing window walls, turning them into smart double-glazed insulating windows without removing, replacing, drilling, or altering anything at all.

Built in 2001, the Regatta Seaside is a luxury high-rise residential building featuring floor-to-ceiling window walls and a large glass box covering an atrium that connects the lobby with the pool deck on the third level. The building and the glass box over the atrium are single-glazed, which was acceptable under California's building code up until 2005.

INOVUES installed its Glazing Shields on selected windows at the atrium to demonstrate its non-intrusive window upgrade technology and how it can significantly reduce energy consumption and improve thermal comfort at a fraction of the cost and time of window replacement.

The existing atrium suffers from solar heat gain due to the inefficient single-pane glass box, requiring extensive and continuous use of air conditioning, and thus, high energy consumption. This made using thermochromic dynamic tinting glass, which gradually darkens in response to rising temperatures, very effective as it helps maintain the transparency between inside and outside while providing optimal solar heat gain control at the right time.

The Glazing Shields were installed on the exterior face of the existing windows and special metal trims that match the color of the existing frames were applied on the inside to conceal the narrow black frame of the retrofit system (the metal trim was intentionally omitted on one window to illustrate the difference). The Glazing Shields utilized two different glass options for comparison, one dynamic and another without the dynamic tinting feature.

Photos showing windows retrofitted with INOVUES Glazing Shields adjacent to those without.

Photos showing the transition of the dynamic tinting glass.

Video showing several windows retrofitted with INOVUES Glazing Shields.

Timelapse showing the transition of the dynamic tinting glass.

INOVUES helped revitalize and activate the windows at the Regatta with its adaptive Glazing Shields without replacing any existing components and without disrupting the normal operations of the building or its occupants. The retrofitted windows not only have three times the insulating value but also control the amount of light, glare, and heat that passes through them — significantly improving the quality and comfort of the indoor environment and the energy efficiency of the building. As a glass-agnostic system, INOVUES Gazing Shield provides a unique platform to offer the latest high-performance architectural glass products available today as well as the means needed for the rapid adoption of advanced glazing and smart windows in the facade retrofit market. By offering a cost-effective and non-disruptive solution, INOVUES makes it feasible — and financially attractive — for building owners to upgrade their windows to reduce energy consumption, improve occupant comfort, and increase the value and sustainability of the building. Learn more about dynamic windows here. Contact INOVUES for more information about its non-intrusive Smart Window Retrofits.


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