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INOVUES Included in the 2019 50-to-Watch List as One of the Companies Fighting Our Biggest Battle

Houston, TX – September 25, 2019 – INOVUES, an award-winning window technology company focused on building upgrades and energy efficiency retrofits, is named to Cleantech Group’s New 50 to Watch List. The 50 to Watch is an annual list of the most promising early-stage private companies delivering high-impact solutions. The innovators on the list are creating new technologies and business models that could change every aspect of how we live; from what we eat to how we consume, from how we build our homes to how we travel. “It is an honor to be selected as one of the 2019 50-to-Watch companies that are developing high-impact cleantech solutions to address the world's most pressing challenges and promote a faster transformation into a sustainable future,” said Anas Al-Kassas, Founder and CEO, Inovues. “50 to watch companies give their all to achieve profitable impact. They tackle pressing global challenges with creative pragmatism and dedication. Together, they form a roadmap to a more sustainable future,” said Jules Besnainou, Director, Cleantech Group. To arrive at the companies on the list, Cleantech Group put together a diverse panel of more than 20 early-stage innovation experts from five continents. The Expert Panel nominated the companies they were most impressed with, focusing on high-impact solutions. Next, those nominations were combined with Cleantech Group nominations and added to research on early-stage public awards. The resulting 500 nominations were put through qualitative and impact filters. All nominations were weighted according to their relevance, keeping a sectoral and geographical balance. The Expert Panel then reviewed and scored a shortlist of 140 companies to arrive at the final 50.

About Cleantech Group Cleantech® Group provides research, consulting and events to catalyze opportunities for sustainable growth powered by innovation. At every stage from initial strategy to final deals, we bring corporate change makers, investors, governments and stakeholders from across the ecosystem the access and customized support they need to thrive in a more digitized, de-carbonized and resource-efficient future. About Inovues Inovues is an award-winning window technology company focused on building upgrades and energy efficiency retrofits. We have developed the Glazing Shield™, a non-intrusive glazing retrofit system that enables the windows and glass facades of existing buildings to be upgraded and incorporate the latest energy-efficient and smart glass and glazing technologies without removing, replacing, drilling, or altering any part of them.


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