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INOVUES Climate-Tech Awarded New Patents in USA and Internationally

Patented Non-Invasive Façade Retrofit Technology Addresses Energy Efficiency, Carbon Reduction, and Climate Goals

INOVUES, a leading climate-tech startup, is pleased to announce the award of several new patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the Canadian Intellectual Patent Office (CIPO) and the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). These patents enhance INOVUES’ intellectual property portfolio and solidify its position as a pioneer in non-invasive window and façade retrofit technologies within the thriving climate-tech sector.

“These newly awarded patents reinforce our commitment to innovation and position us as a trusted partner for investors and industry partners,” said Anas Al Kassas, INOVUES Founder and CEO.

The groundbreaking INOVUES climate technology for buildings significantly improves the thermal and acoustic performance of existing windows and glass facades. By upgrading them in place, it also eliminates the need for costly and disruptive demolition, abatement, and replacement processes.

Using approximately 70% fewer materials than traditional replacement, the multi-award-winning technology lowers costs and delivers impressive results. Building owners can expect up to 40% reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions as well as a significant increase in indoor thermal and acoustic comfort.

INOVUES enables various applications, from energy retrofits that lower heating and cooling loads to façade rebranding and bird-friendly glass upgrades. The company works directly with building owners, offering a range of turnkey services. These include energy modeling and analysis, expert assessment of existing conditions, system design and installation, and assistance with rebates and incentives.

With patent applications filed globally, INOVUES continues to innovate with its Insulating Glass Retrofit (IGR) and Secondary Window Retrofit (SWR) climate technologies. The total number of issued and pending patents now stands at eight. To date, five patents have been granted in the United States, Canada, and China, while three more patents are currently pending in the United States, Canada, and the European Union. Furthermore, the company is pleased to announce that trademark protection for its brand name has recently been granted in the European Union, United Kingdom, and China.

INOVUES’ signature IGR technology is compatible with most window and curtain wall systems, whether fixed or operable. It can be applied from the exterior or interior of the building. With a highly compact and lightweight design, it adds only 1" and as little as 2 lb/sq. ft. of weight to the existing façade. The system creates a hermetically-sealed insulating cavity between the existing and new pane of glass through the use of multiple primary and secondary seals and desiccants.

non-invasive window retrofit system before & after
INOVUES’ patented non-invasive Insulating Glass Retrofit (IGR) system - before and after

INOVUES’ new SWR technology is the only breathable secondary window retrofit system currently on the market. This engineered solution can passively vent, without letting in dust, to eliminate any excessive heat build-up in the insulating cavity that could cause thermal stress or persistent fogging and condensation. The SWR system is installed from the interior of the building. It features an ultra-slim profile available in multiple colors to match existing frames.

Both the IGR and SWR systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S., reinforcing INOVUES' commitment to domestic innovation and sustainability.


INOVUES makes existing buildings more energy-efficient and sustainable through a range of non-invasive insulating glass retrofit solutions. The company's patented technologies are engineered to integrate the latest glass innovations; are quick and easy to install; and do not require any removal, replacement, or disruption to normal building operations. INOVUES offers building owners and managers a high-ROI, low-carbon path to save up to 40% on energy consumption, improve indoor thermal and acoustic comfort, and increase the value and sustainability of their buildings.


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