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Let's Not Stop

Blog | By Anas Al Kassas | Originally posted on LinkedIn

Although we’re facing unprecedented challenges with the COVID-19 outbreak and people are feeling overwhelmed, I do believe that we'll get through these difficult times if we stand together and encourage each other to keep moving forward while following the CDC guidelines. Right now everywhere we turn there’s more coronavirus news, and most of it is disheartening. However, every time I see some good news, here on LinkedIn for example, of people and businesses that are still trying to make some progress or help in any way possible, I feel that life is still going on—and that gives hope. We’re trying to do the same at INOVUES. As a window technology startup that's focused on building upgrades and energy efficiency retrofits, we may not be able to help directly with the current challenges regarding the coronavirus. But we believe that we can, and should, help indirectly by continuing our work in mitigating the significant impact of existing buildings, the largest user of energy, on climate change and sustainability. Although there have been some significant reductions in emissions over the past few months, we’re still way behind on what needs to be done to meet the climate targets—and the clock is running. We can’t afford to wait and shouldn’t rely on such extreme, temporary events or unsustainable measures. We therefore remain committed to helping accelerate the adoption of energy efficiency retrofits in existing buildings and promote a faster transformation into a sustainable future. And that means continuing to connect with all stakeholders in the building industry and help the owners and tenants who are looking to save on energy consumption and operating expenses, particularly during these uncertain times. So let’s use this time to connect and see how we can collaborate together. At INOVUES, we’ve adopted a sustainable business model and a remote work culture from the beginning. So we’re able to continue to operate pretty much normally while keeping our team members and their families safe. In fact, we’ve been making a lot of progress lately and we’ll be announcing some new hires, partnerships, and updates in the coming weeks. And for those who are new to #WFH and remote teams, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’ll be more than happy to share our experience with you to help you make the transition and keep moving forward. We have the technology and tools to help us adapt quickly and run significant parts of our businesses while adhering to social distancing and avoid having to shut down completely. So, stay safe but let’s not stop!


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