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INOVUES to Present Non-Invasive Facade Retrofit Technology at NYC Decarbonization Event

Facade Technologies Take Center Stage at NYC Accelerator Building Energy Efficiency Webinar

NYC Accelerator facade event banner
INOVUES presenting non-invasive facade retrofit technology at NYC Accelerator event.

INOVUES, the multi-award-winning climate-tech startup providing non-intrusive facade energy efficiency retrofits, has been invited to speak on a webinar hosted by NYC Accelerator, a program by the NYC Mayor’s Office of Climate and Environmental Justice. The event aims to educate building professionals on budget-smart facade solutions to mitigate costly energy loss and carbon emissions.

"We are excited to participate in the upcoming discussion on building envelope retrofits. This event is an excellent opportunity to share insights and help building professionals optimize their energy efficiency efforts," said Tom Burke, Director of Business Development at INOVUES.

The free NYC Accelerator webinar focuses on NYC building energy efficiency and decarbonization. It brings together leading solution providers in the window and facade industry, including INOVUES, Adler Windows, Dextall, Hydronic Shell Technologies, and Solar Solutions Window Tinting. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge on how these technologies can help lower heating and cooling costs, improve occupant comfort, mitigate penalties associated with Local Law 97, and increase property values for years to come.

NYC buildings face significant energy efficiency challenges, with inefficient facades and windows accounting for up to 40% of their significant, preventable energy losses. As the city moves towards decarbonization and implements initiatives like the mandate to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and Local Law 97, which penalizes excessive carbon emissions, the need for energy-efficient solutions becomes even more critical.

Investing in energy efficiency is not only environmentally beneficial but also financially sound. Studies have shown these projects yield strong investment returns. According to studies, a 1% point increase in a building's Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) leads to a 3.4% increase in return on equity and a 1.3% increase in return on assets.

Moreover, without decisive measures to improve building efficiency, preventable energy losses will continue to increase, resulting in rising costs. The transition to renewable energy and inflation contribute to the upward trend in energy prices, with recent reports showing an average 12% increase nationally and approximately 22% in New York City.

The educational NYC Accelerator webinar, scheduled for Thursday, June 15, 2023, from 10 to 11 am EST, provides an opportunity for building owners and facility management professionals to learn about innovative climate-tech facade solutions.


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